Farrir is the name of the entire globe, in some of the largest and most wide-spread cultures it’s also known as the ‘sea of shoes’, although this is an archaic term and used more in poetry and song. It is made from the following three connected continents.


According to the Yoltan Meridian (and imperial cartographers), this continent is the center of the global map. However most cartographers, without an imperial mandate, often position it to the right hand side. They find this orientation more pleasing to the eye, because then no continent is cut in half.

1. Bregonia

Bregonia Website Version

Predominant race – (Flame) Hossani
Predominant language – Bregonian
Key Exports – Herbs, Food, Wood
Climate – Temperate
To the very north is of Laurusia is the large island of Bregonia, a place of mystery and ancient customs. It’s civilisation has remained almost unchanged for 6000 years, with no foreign armies being able to conquer the Druids, but likewise the Druids having no interest in influencing things outside their culture. Its climate is warmer than it should be for its latitude and most scholars attribute this to the huge amounts of druidic magic permeating the region. Society is matriarchal and centrally governed from the fabled natural city of Taer Cwdonnon. The most powerful druid is known as the Eleesi Daen and she is served by The Nine who, between them, represent the five colours of government. One third of the population is static, based in towns and villages mainly along the northern coast. The other two thirds are nomadic with clans spread out along the Kulf Bison’s migratory path. With seeming contradiction to the matriarchy, clans are ruled over by mostly male Thanes. These Thanes still answer to The Nine and the Eleesi Daen though. The Great Thane is seated in the other main city of Bregonia, Taer Epolonaii.