D&D Podcasts

This is first and foremost a world-building site, but it is also about entertainment. At Wizard on the Wynd we intend to build a world incrementally so that eventually you will be able to look through herbariums of Farrir’s flora, open historical texts that detail battles or famous people and of course pour over maps and artwork of this living, breathing fictional world.

We felt the best way to really make it feel like a living, breathing world though, would be to create media content taken from Farrir. For this we have launched a series of recorded role-play games set within the world. The game we have chosen for this purpose is Dungeons and Dragons. I have been playing D&D for 25 years, so it felt comfortable, but especially since the release of 5th edition, the game has really returned to its core value of story-telling. Many of us at Wizard on the Wynd are huge fans of Acquisitions Inc., Critical Roll, Roleplay and many other D&D podcasts and lifestreams. We hope that in our own small way we can add something unique to this growing media genre.

This brings me to a small point about canon. Whilst we have tried to keep our dungeons and dragons sessions as close to the feel of Farrir as we can, they are not true canon. Early on we realised that in order to play dungeons and dragons we should fully enjoy the whole experience so we opened the games up to all the races, classes and optional rules that DM’s might want to use. We of course adjusted them to fit the nature of Farrir but, on the whole, these are games of dungeons and dragons set in Farrir, with the flavour of the world. They are not accurate representations of the world of Farrir exactly.