About Us

I am a Dungeon Master of 25-odd years and we are a Dungeons and Dragons role-playing group based in Letchworth Garden City in the UK. We play Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition every other Monday evening, our first session was on the 27th April 2015.

As yet I don’t know what form this website will take. For now it will probably consist of a series of story-oriented posts, reporting on the characters adventures as they unfold. As we develop, further material may be added such as content to use with 5th Edition rules. We are not as yet part of the Adventure league, but that may also change further down the line.

I am a year younger than the game itself, so when I started playing, people I knew were starting to phase between 1st edition into 2nd. I played a little bit of 1st, but all my growing and learning of the game took place from 2nd edition. During that period I collected almost all the books, played in Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, Ravenloft and Dark Sun as well as a number of my own home-brews. I almost exclusively played as a Dungeon Master. My favourite campaign during that period took place at the end of the 90’s. It was loosely entitled ‘The Zhentarim Bane’ and featured, espionage and assassinations as well as races for lost relics and secret wars (It just so happened I lived on the same street as the TSR headquarters, but my dreams of finding a way in to work for them were shattered when I realised the building was empty and they had just been taken over by Wizards of the Coast). I moved into 3 and 3.5 with ease, but then life took me away from the game and I played none of the 4th edition at all (although I did still buy the books). I have since discovered that I may not have missed much, certainly, from afar, with regards to the Realms, I didn’t like what I read of the Spellplague and the game in general seemed too mechanics-based.

However that is all in the past. Wizards of the Coast have hit back with an amazing edition, which is uniting players of all ages, it is fantastically story-driven and I am already really enjoying a small once-a-month group with four friends. However, I totally have the bug again now and once a month is just not cutting the mustard with me so I decided to get a group going in a town that totally lacked a D&D group. I was so surprised by the response and in a short time I found I had a team of 8 players (3 male 5 female) willing and eager to trawl through the dungeons of Forgotten Realms.

We shall see where it goes from here.