Well it took longer than I thought, but I finally have the first 8 podcasts of the Hollow Ways campaign up on the site. Feels like there is a definite story developing now.

Unfortunately it means I’ve had to pretty much abandon the rest of the website for the time being, hence it looking so bare at present. It takes me about 20 hours to edit one episode so I’ve been unable to work on the history and lore like I wanted. Now the podcast is underway I will be making a start on that shortly.

So in the next week or two expect to see all the character sheets and blogs up, maps and artwork for Hollow ways. Steve has done a phenomenal job of bringing the 3 children and Iluna to life. I’ll be leaving the Raiders of the Realms until a bit later as it is technically not connected to Farrir. Incidentally, next weekend is my birthday and after two years the Raiders storyline will be coming to a close with a big, birthday bash double session.

I’ve also made a start on The Story of Antherine podcast, but we had two pretty serious mishaps with recordings so I’m still trying to work out whether it is worth putting up.

The idea is that come Dragonmeet in December the website will be looking half presentable with the Hollow Ways podcast at least on Episode 12.

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