First Podcasts

I’m building this slowly, incrementally, between work and travel. The first two podcasts are now up, but not quite linked to this site. To listen to them please head over here for now:

I also want to take this moment to thank the artists who have been involved to date.

Artwork – Steven has designed the wizard on the wynd banner that you can see on this site. He has also created character portraits for all ten of the raiders of the realms campaign players and is about to move onto the hollow ways characters. All of these portraits will be up very soon on the character sheet pages. His work is beautifully detailed and, importantly for us, blends a healthy amount of realism into fantasy beings.

Cartography – Nathan has been working on wonderfully accurate ‘times atlas’ style maps of the world of Farrir. So far Bregonia is complete, with work about to start on The Empire.

Cartography – John has just completed a fantastically detailed map of Bladewater. A segragated, wheel-like slave city modelled on Roman and Sumerian elements. This will be up on the site very soon.

Music – All music has been sourced from the fantastic Kevin Macleod over at Incompetech.

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